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Oct 3, 2012 7:30am EDT
change, the time when things are so polarized. but with new technology, the net on all these kind of things, where anybody has kind of their -- you haven't really addressed that as kind of a persuading factor and all settings like. it certainly doesn't equal money. we know that. but if i go home tonight i can do whatever i want to as many people as i can reach. so that's kind of different again going all the way back to a quote from jefferson. it does make a difference. somebody -- ben franklin or somebody had said that in print and all you need to do is push it. you do have this unlimited almost speech that can reach as many people so how does that fit in against citizens united? >> i'm sorry, personal as a technology story obama can't raise that money without technology. the net is a little different than in newspaper. a newspaper it's true, you can go write a blog post, so what if the one and an infinite number of people could read the blog posted the thing is no one know that you wrote a blog post and no one will come to your blog post unless you put money behind or have a way pr
Oct 2, 2012 6:00am EDT
now, i think one reason is work is really exciting at the moment is that technology as told change your expectations about blogs and twitter and everything else. that conversation is going to happen no matter what. people are going to talk about everything constantly, and that can be based on substance of what's happening in congress, or if it is in, something else is going to take its place in by not going to like what that's going to be. it's going to be fantasy, ridiculous, out of control, whatever. so to me it's a question of the starting point should be a dialogue is going to be happening constantly and want that to be informed with what's actually happening, that's the very minimum and the best we should be aiming for. >> if i could just point out one little thing, and trust me, my own members are just as guilty of this. there is no such thing, never was, a 72 hour rule. the rule has been, since it was put in place and probably the early 1970s, the third day, so it says that if a committee report, and that's what it actually refers to come has been available, it can be called
Oct 4, 2012 6:00am EDT
, underwriting support of united technologies, also known as utc. it's a very diversified company comprised of several well known brands. they also have utc climate controls and security, b and utc aerospace which is as of recently now includes goodrich. utc has been a wonderful partner with national journal. this is our final charlie cook event this year. they also partner with us on the congressional connection poll which we conduct while congress is in session to get a sense of what's going on outside of washington and bring that news and information here, and it is national journal daily readers who can be informed via utc and the congressional connection poll there as well. i just want to say thank you to gregg ward and the entire team at utc for partnering with us not only on the carly cook events -- charlie cook events, but on the poll. gregg ward is senior vice president of global government recommendations, and that means he leads all of the federal, state government affairs activity for utc as well as all their activities in that area, in china, russia and in the e.u.. h
Oct 5, 2012 6:00am EDT
, the latest of which was held at the wilson center in june on science and technology innovation. these symposia, which the institute co-chairs with china's state council, not only promote dialogue among stakeholders, but also allow participants to develop personal connections. the institute also recently released an initial report on u.s./china security perceptions, another big project we're working on with leading research institutions in the u.s. and beijing. and just last week we published sustaining u.s./china cooperation in clean energy, an overview of the difficulties both countries face in developing solar, wind and other alternative energy industries and the potential room for cooperation. last innovate, finally -- november, finally, henry participated in another one of our national conversations entitled afghanistan: is there a regional end game. the back story on this is interesting. he resisted when he learned that we had organized a brilliant panel of scholars and reporters to comment on his remarks. we hadn't cleared the names with him, he didn't know all the people
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4